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On, in and over the river: upstream in Quang Binh

There's a misconception that the coastal province of Quang Binh's charms lie only on its beaches, discouraging any attempt to look further than its crystal clear waters. However, the province is more than just sun, sea and sand thanks  to its gorgeous inland streams and caves.

There are many ways to get to Quang Binh, but the most popular way is by coach so people can enjoy the beautiful scenery along the road.

Photo by Ngoc Xinh

Kayaking is a popular activity on the Chay River, whether you're exploring with a partner or just enjoying lazy laid-back afternoon. Photo by Ngoc Xinh

If you're more of a hard plastic person, inflatable boats are always available. Photo by Ngoc Xinh
In the middle of the photo is a net designed to catch people who fall off a zipline. Up to you if you want to try! Photo by Ngoc Xinh
The Chay River, with its year-round jade water, is one of the rare places in Vietnam to have a zipline. Photo by Ngoc Xinh
Photo by Ngoc Xinh
Swings are hung on every branch that stretches out over the water. Hold tight and dip your toes into the cool water below, especially at this time of year with the mercury rising. Photo by Ngoc Xinh
Photo by Ngoc Xinh
When you're finished with soaking in the river, it's time to get back to Quang Binh  for a local treat. Above is a fish noodle soup. Photo by Duyen Nguyen
Sauteed snails with coconut AA "picky" experience for any crustacean lovers. Photo by Duyen Nguyen
Photo by Duyen Nguyen
Photo by Duyen Nguyen
Photo by Ngoc Xinh

Sources of information: vnexpress

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